Monday, 15 October 2012

Tonbridge Lacemakers

Hi there!
I had a fantastic day on Saturday....
Tonbridge Lace makers Group had their 25th Anniversary,
and we sure celebrated, and were thoroughly spoilt!
The Committee laid on a splendid Ploughmans Lunch, with lots of drinky poos,
and the tables were decorated in silver...
We had a very entertaining speaker, telling us all about her Hat hire business,
with lots of humour and gossip, which always goes down well!
One of our members....who is EVERSO talented, made a cake....
Well, I could not believe that it wasn't a REAL lace makers pillow,
complete with bobbins.....
I WISH I'd taken my camera!
I'm hoping one of the other ladies will share a photo,
that I can then share with you, because it was 
A M A Z I N G!
What I can show is one of the bobbins...
all members were given one of them to take home,
and I can't bear to eat mine!
 All made out of icing!
When I get round to it, I'll lay a real bobbin alongside, then you'll be able to see how utterly fab this is!
It's even 'spangled' with 'beads'!
As if that wasn't enough......the same lady made an awesome Honiton lace picture,
that was framed in silver, and entered into the raffle......
Although it was REALLY nice that one of the founder members won it...
(yes we were pleased for her, but a tad jealous!)....
We were then all given a coaster, with a copy of her masterpiece inlaid!
How cool is that?! 
It is the symbol of the Group, and Honiton is one of the finest, most difficult forms of hand made lace.
I am soooooo lucky to belong to such a lovely talented group of friends!
A fabulous day was had by all, and it was extra special to have so many founder members
there to celebrate.

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful Lesley. Glad you had such a great time.x


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