Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stampin' Up! Tea Pig Pyramids

Thought I'd share my team mates play day swaps today.
I wanted to do a 3-D project containing something non-fattening,
as we are trying to eat healthily. 

So I had the idea of a Tea Pig holder.....I've only just discovered these posh tea bags,
as I was scouring the supermarket shelves for some herbal teas.

The 'straws' that act as the closure, were up-cycled from cutlery packaging.
I used some of the new gold embossed vellum from Stampin' Up!
Here's a close-up

Here's a peek of the inside
I hope you enjoy your next cuppa!


  1. These pyramids looked amazing BEFORE we even opened them. Then I was delighted to see a posh tea bag inside when I opened it. I've drunk mine . . . it was delicious thank you!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. These were a really lovely original idea. I must admit to you that I haven't opened mine for fear of not being able to return it to it's full glory!

  3. I'm saving mine for emergencies, and it's looks gorgeous on the shelf. Thank you, X

  4. Thanks girls. Don't let 'em go stale ;)


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