Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Take a leaf

Here's a first for me.
I took a stencil, daubed versamark through it,
and added lots of different embossing powders,
which I then heated.

This gives a lovely metallic shimmer.
Never knowing when to stop, (!)
 I did the same again and overlapped the leaves

I then did a simple sentiment, with the 'waste' powder to match,
and inside just simply inked through the stencil.

Hope your week is going well,
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  1. Lesley, This is one beautiful look! I LOVE it! You did a super job & very impressive if it's a first effort. It's hard using different colors of the powders (at least for me!). Thanks for your comment on the Vet's card. So many of the UK cards for your Remembrance day reminded me to pay tribute to my country's vets as well. All these service people rendered to those of us living today, an immeasurable sacrifice, no matter what our native country. So thanks to your countrymen as well! Hugs

  2. I did wonder how! It's beautiful. X

  3. How lovely - would make a super Christmas card!xx


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