Monday, 20 July 2015

gift wrapped

It's a soggy Monday morning here in Kent,
but as we say here "it's good for the garden"!

I forgot to share this the other day...

You may remember this:

So I did a little parcel to go with......
colour coordinated obvs!

Just wanted to share how some simple paper, tag and ribbon
can make a simple gift feel special.
I do know I'm not the best wrapper (or rapper lol),
but you get the drift!

Did you see how a simple colour on colour punched butterfly looks quite cool?

Had to add a gem though eh Jan?
 (Jan is teaching me to have sparkle....
.......on my cards, not on me!)

Have a good week


  1. Lovely looking parcel! xxx

  2. Quick! I'll comment! I've looked at this post multiple times today and never get to comment. I HATE to wrap presents, which people find strange because I'm so crafty. At least you make a ton of little gift bags and can always fake it that way.... not that you need to. Your wrapping is great! Such a fancy package!

  3. Well done, bling bling bling all the way!!! What a lovely bow too. The card is very creative too Lesley, you are a talented lady xxxx


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