Wednesday, 26 August 2015

August Rudolph Day

Hello I'm back again!

Life is rush rush rush, need to slow down.....soon!

One thing I refuse to miss is Rudolph Day,
where we make a xmas card each month,
so that we don't have to rush nearer xmas
(yeah right!)

here's my very rushed entry

I fancied a go at triple stamping,
bit with a shape as opposed to a square or rectangle.

Didn't work out awfully well, should have used plain dark card
instead of busy paper,
but I'll have another go sometime...

Couldn't figure where to put a sentiment, so
did a greetings border all round the star.

Rushing off to enter.....



  1. Well, my my, didn't this turn out well - smashing make .... and another towards your 2015 quota too!


  2. I love this Lesley, what a great idea. Carol x

  3. Hi Lesley,
    well you may say this is rushed, but it's wonderfully put together.
    I love this fabulous design, and everything you have used to create it.
    Wonderful workmanship.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Lesley, this is a great card and I love the sentiments going around the star xx It turned out just right xxx Jan x

  5. I love this, the papers look great and it is a fabulous idea and looks perfect to me.

    Kath x

  6. I think it is wonderful. I like the papers you chose. YUour star is eye catching...just as it should be and looks wonderful with the greeting all around the star

    Thanks for taking part in the August Rudolph Days Challenge.I

  7. I think this is awesome, Lesley! I love the patterns!

  8. I like this big star done with different patterns, and I especially like the clever and unique way you stamped the sentiment! You're a star :)

  9. This is brilliant! Way to go on triple stamping - I've never tried this but it looks amazing! I love how you stamped the sentiment around the star - it's like it was meant to be there!

  10. This certainly doesn't look rushed! It's awesome! So eye catching and the sentiment round the star look perfect xxx

  11. AWESOME! How clever of you to stamp and die cut the star in that way. Good idea about the sentiment too.

    Now, stop whooshing around and make a coffee and sit down for 5 mins. You're wearing me out!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  12. This is a fun card even with the busy pattern. It sort of mimics how you are rushing about being busy. I have a Rudolph card.... dang I keep forgetting to drag it out and post it.

  13. I must disagree with you that this didn't work out well because of 'busy paper'. I think it is just gorgeous! I've never tried the layering technique, but really like it so much. This is by far, one of the most intricate I've seen yet. Your dp patterns added such movement to the design, and the enlarged photo shows this so nicely. It must have been quite fiddly to get those designs 'just right' as you did, and using the star design made it even more complex. I give this one a big A+ - design as well as that wonderful paper pattern.


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