Sunday, 27 March 2016

more pals makes

I thought I'd share some more cards I was so lucky to receive recently.
I'd like to set up a separate tab for friends cards if I ever get the time,
it's an idea that another blog pal uses.

I hope your Easter is going well,
despite the weather.
Grab some chocolate while you browse.....

Come back tomorrow for some more....


  1. Lovely selection too

    Happy Easter


  2. Happy Easter, Lesley, and tfs your wonderful cards that you've received. Isn't that such a joy? And you can enjoy their artistry every time you review these lovely works. Glad you liked the frames card - hope you watch the video link. A fantastic way to use up old papers (and if you don't like the design, good way to hide that as well!). And of course you can use the idea of the friends' card tabs, I got the idea from Darnell, and it's a good way to keep the cards where you don't have to keep scrolling through old posts to find them!) Always pleased if anything I pass along appeals to someone else. And it's so good to pay another's idea forward! Not sure if Darnell saw it somewhere else, but her blog is where I saw it done. Hugs.

  3. What another batch of wonderful cards. Your mailbox sure has been keeping you entertained.


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