Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Number of Years

Hello folks!
Thanks for visiting on this damp dark day in dreary Kent.....

Here's a cheery card I made for a little chap,
using a cut-and-shut type of card I cased
from Amanda at Thecraftspa
It's really easy when you know how ;)

I made up my own measurements, 
by taking a standard card and dividing it into thirds.
cut off the bottom two,
stick the middle bit to the top and bottom et voila!

I decorated it with lots of snippets of card and paper,
so a hop skip and jump to the
where I might need wellies and a brolly!

Hope to see you there for a play on the swings!

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  1. Oh what a clever card Lesley - and just perfect for a boy, of most ages really. Love it and the DP you used is perfect too! Off to peek at how to do it - am chewing nails here trying to think of what to make for a 7 year old boy in a couple of weeks time.


    Di xx

  2. Me again Lesley! I hopped over to Amanda's blog and can't find how she made the card :( I mustn't have my thinking head on today as I can't figure out how you did yours either, sigh :(


    1. Oh Di soooo soooo sorry somehow missed this comment!
      Half a4 lengthways, score at 15 cm, then on that side cut off at 5 & 10cm. Flip one section 90 degrees, glue top and bottom inline with back section. Hth xxx

  3. Cor, that's a GREAT card and a fab explanation of how you made it too. AWESOME!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. What a brilliant shape card and love the balloons.

    Kath x

  5. This is cute as can be. What a fun card for a six year old. He will love it. Thanks for sharing all your swaps. A lot of talent there and I enjoyed seeing all your goodies and sneak peeks.


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