Sunday, 3 July 2016

faux watercolour

Continuing my dogged determination to force my classmates
to get inky and arty with free brush strokes  and watercolour abandon,
I gave up, and decided to change tack slightly and do a faux
watercolour technique.

Needless to say they were much happier with this one !
we took the brush strokes from Playful Backgrounds
(any brush strokes would do)
stamp , turn upside down and second generation stamp

Stamp the sentiment over the top,
stamp and punch some pretty petite petals, and add some rhinestones.

So it wasn't a complete watercolour washout, I had fun,
and I think they did too ?!?
They all booked for the next class anyway!
Do join us for some crafty fun, we always have a laugh,
and endeavour to learn something new too,
so just ask if you'd like more details.

Have a great week


  1. This is cool! I had to laugh at your watercolor washout. Yeah, sometimes it is hard to get those old dogs to try new tricks, especially if it involves something with variable results. "Oh no! Freestyle!"


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