Friday, 21 October 2016

Oldies but goodies

Sharing some old makes by friends,
that I think are timeless.

I was sorting through my bold box of saved card samples,
and thought these were too good to throw away.

(Yep, sometimes I admit I grit my teeth and throw away things that no longer have any use,
or are damaged,  to make more room for other 'stuff'.
Do tell me I am not alone!)

this is just strips of card with random circles stuck on top

a pretty tag topper with pretty papers

great designs for males, or anyone really,
and you could use up lots of your snippets


For Online orders under £150
Please use the Hostess Code 
to receive a special gift from me 

1 comment:

  1. You are in the minority I'm sure, but you are not alone! I'm always purging a thing or two, often into the trash can. More useful but no longer needed things get carted off to my stamp club either as freebie items or for-sale-for-cheap.

    These are fun makes you shared. I really like that classic design of the large circles on the strips. Unusual but cool. The other card has quite the whimsy to it with its patterns and textures.


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