Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Limited-Time Bundles: Share What You Love Suite

We are getting excited about the new annual catalogue coming soon,
but before that, do look at the RETIREMENT LIST out now!
( check the clearance rack while you are there )

So, the retirement list often throws up some confusion. This time it's the ink pads. SU have designed a new case for them, hence the retirement of all old style ink pads. Some colours are retiring, and some retired colours are returning, and there's some brand new colours too!
Confused?! It will all start to become clearer I promise 

Just ask if you need any info, that's what I'm here for.

Some demos, eg Pootles have done a video to explain....

If you are a current demo, then you can order one of these amazing LIMITED bundles for yourself now!
If you are not a current demo, then you can choose one such as the "Gotta Have it All Bundle" as part of your "starter kit",
which is completely customisable......choose exactly what you want for £130, and pay only £99 !!!!
Contact me for more information............

Watch the video for more information.....


Don't forget to use the HOST CODE for an extra gift....

Order ONLINE using the HOST CODE
for an EXTRA FREE gift from me!


If your order is £150 or more, do not use it,
as you will receive your own rewards.

If you are spending £90 or more, please talk to me first,
or click the "Join" the fun button,
as you may wish to get the "Starter Kit" instead!
(£130 of goodies for only £99 !)


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