Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Summer Silhouettes (yes..more!)

A simple one using some design series papers,
two simple banners, and another Elegant Butterfly

Another one I cased from somewhere, 
and I just love the simple knot used as an imaginary tying of the bouquet

Don't vote yet....there's more still to come....and your vote might not be counted lol
(I watch too much TV!)


  1. Can't possibly vote as I love them all! Wish I got time to watch telly!.x

  2. Well you have made me fall in love with this set Lesley, so it should be arriving in a box on Friday (fingers crossed)!

    Two beautiful cards here . . .I'm plumping for the top one as my fave of these. But only by a smidge!

    Sarn xxx


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