Saturday, 24 January 2015

makes me happy

In case you hadn't noticed
I love stamping!

I also love sending hand made cards to my friends and family.
I think about them when I make them,
so they arrive full of love and good thoughts. 

Here's one two of my fave sets at the mo...
Hello Life......
(mainly bought for the happy big sentiment,
but am loving the others in the set too)
and Sheltering Tree.

The thing is......I wanted to try different 'leaves',
so I got out fave set three (ooo dear, just can't make me mind up at the mo),
Perpetual Birthday Calendar and stamped some flowers.

The thing is.....I wanted some smaller flowers in between.
The stamp is little, and it would have been fiddly to mask,
so I did a very naughty thing.....
I cut a bit off!
Well, it was just two little flowers, that I can still put with the others,
but it just made it so much easier to fill in the gaps.
I decided it's my stamp, I can do what I like!

I'm trying to remember to decorate the envelopes too.

Happy Saturday


  1. I absolutely agree with chopping stamps when necessary to make them work for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. xxx

  2. Cute your thinkin too:) It is YOUR stamp:)))


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