Saturday, 7 February 2015

Pen storage

I saw an idea on Pinterest about storing pens in our Stampin' Up! boxes.
We can buy spare ones, or some of you may have some you don't use.

It works fine for the marker pens.....I have a few of the Retired Colours
that don't fit in my other storage box.

Then I wondered about my Blendability pens.....
I have really been tussling with the sharp stiff plastic cases they come packaged in,
and couldn't wait to find them a better home.

I discovered that some of the old clam shell boxes I still had,
fitted them a treat,
and here they are in their new home. 

I am always saving packaging,
and sometimes it does come in useful!
They are much easier to see now,
and definitely easier to use!

I had a WI magazine through the post recently,
and was so incensed by the junk mail I took a picture!

I wonder how many trees were cut down for this little lot!
It all goes in the recycling, but even so.......


P.S. Di asked which Blendabilities I'd recommend to start with.
Here's my suggestions in the order I got mine:
Skin tones; Greys; Blue; Green; Pink; Yellow


  1. Good grief! That's one mound of junk mail Lesley! They should be ashamed.

    Re. the blendabilities - if you were to just chose some starter sets, which would you suggest?


    Di xx

  2. Fantastic storage idea for your Blendibobs Lesley.

    Gasping at the junk mail from the WI! Better get a few WI members to plant some trees PRONTO!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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