Tuesday, 10 February 2015

stand by your bowls.....

......your washing up bowls!


Because you need to get out your stencils and modeling paste,
that's why!

Now, my spell check thingy says I spelt modeling wrong,
but that's what it says on MY pot!

Anyhoo.....mine's white, and I didn't want white.

so, I got out some mica powders, lurking in a corner 
of my craft room, saying "use me, use me"!
It does take a fair bit of powder....
and I'm a bit mean frugal, so left mine a nice soft blue.

Then I thought.......wonder what if...
I chucked sprinkled some brusho paints on top
whilst the paste is wet?

so, this is what happened....
I had to spritz it with water, but then.....
I likeeeee

I also tried, once the paste had dried........
to sprinkle even more paint on and spritz with water...
with the stencil back in place....
(photographically challenged, as this is the same blue background)

Then I needed some bling.....
one was for a friend who HAS to have bling.
Here I added more mica, to make a darker pink.
Did I mention I added the mica to the paste in a spare pot?
I also added some matching glitter, thinking I could make my own sparkly paste,
but no.
Not sparkly enough,
so I chucked  sprinkled some more on top.

Got some big splodges though.....sad face. 

Then, after all that, I read the jar,
 and realised I could have just applied it in white,
and add paint etc. after it's dried,
but as you can see, I had lots of fun.

However, I then had no idea what to do with the 
'art work' (?!)

I wanted to add this sentiment...
from Sheltering Tree
'friendship is a sheltering tree'

I'd spent so much time 'playing', that I ran out of time,
even though I thought my mount was boring,
I'm swapping them as they are,
in the hope they'll come up with some arty idea!

( Love the pink on Blackberry Bliss) 

Hope your week is going well


  1. FAB experiment and great results too. As to the spelling ...... are you set to U.S. or U.K. spelling?


    1. That is a very good point, I will check, thank you xxx

  2. Hi Lesley . . . absolutely love the one you gave me . . .have mounted it up . . . will be on my blog later this week.

    I think ALL your experiments were a success. No need for a sad face over the pink sparkly blobs as they just add character. They are all even lovelier in real life!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. These are wonderful Lesley. Nothing like having a play with your toys. You have done a great job.

  4. These turned out so pretty and I love the variety of colors! Beautiful scenery, and modeling is how I'd spell it too!


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