Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Inset and Splatter a Butterfly

Just popping by to share a recent make....
wanted to share how to texture a background,
and leave a section unembossed.
We used to try this by using a thick shim to mask an area we didn't want to emboss.
Then I saw this tip....just die cut the area, and run the rest through the folder,
then simply replace the die cut shape, unembossed, stamped with a sentiment.

I used brush strokes and ink splats to decorate the area I wanted to cut the butterfly from.
Here's a few variations from my play mates...

and these.....
all mounted white on white

Happy Crafting


  1. Tis a GREAT idea! All those butterfly cards are just AWESOME! Tee hee! 3 more sleeps!

  2. Very interesting - thank you for the tip! Looks like you were having fun and making some pretty butterflies in the process!
    sandy xx

  3. Love how these came out with those streaks across the butterflies. Isn't that life changing, learning this new trick about how to leave a blank space in your card when dry embossing?! I know it excited me.


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