Monday, 16 January 2017

Christmas remnants

Hello, thanks for popping by!
I have a few photos left from the festive season, so thought I'd share them.

This was a kit, making different displays for the changing seasons.
It makes a lovely display in my Craft Room

a special card from a special lady, much prettier in real life,
it's magical Jan Twinks

a card made in a shoe box swap that I really liked,
and would like to make some more with the tea light idea
casting a flickering light

Did anyone suffer this wrapping paper?! flippin' glitter everywhere!

This was the table explosion box
with Santa's sleigh, Reindeers and a few parcels,
lit up by some star shaped fairy lights

This fluttered by on top of one of our parcels,
isn't he gorgeous?!
He's safely tucked up in his nest box until next year!

Hopefully I'll see some of you on Rudolph Day (25th of the month)
to share some christmas makes for this year!



  1. Some wonderful Christmas makes! I am going to try and join in with rudolph day! xxx

  2. What a lovely selection of makes Lesley, Barbxx

  3. Awesome! Spesh like the birdy xxx

  4. Oh my! what a bunch of wonderful projects. That exploding box is the ultimate though!


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