Friday, 11 August 2017

My Planner

I like to be organised, and I need to be organised more than ever these days.
So, I thought I'd try the new SU planner, and I was NOT disappointed!

You get the wonderful binder, with all the blank pages, inserts, pockets, bookmarks,
decorations, labels, stickers and so much more.

You get more than enough to customise each month

and one of the many advantages, is you can start the year whenever you like!

You get enough blank pages for the month

there's a title page for each month, that I'm using to highlight main events,
make a to-do list, a wish-list, class list  etc

then there's a two page spread to summarize each month...

a week on two pages....

an extra page for notes

very good quality dividers that are sturdy and wipe clean

a book mark that is so easy to clip in and out

the monthly 'front page'

the month on 2 pages to customise

the week to view

tabs, dividers etc included

I got out my stamp set to quickly date my pages....
I needed quick, easy to see dates and info...
or you can neatly write dates in the small boxes provided :)

If you are neat and dainty...look away now!
I needed practical! above all else!
big, loud, obvious, crossed out, highlighted where necessary!

Maybe I'll have time to finness, make pretty, future pages,
BUT for now IT WORKS FOR ME....and that's what I need!

I have everything in one place, and feel much more organised now.
I've also used the clear pockets (the memories and more inserts fit)
to hold appointment cards, tickets etc.

You can add elements that work for YOU.

I tried a planner before....ended up in the bin.....
one of the main reasons I love this one is it's flexible, customisable,
adaptable, personalisable, pretty, sturdy, practical, and FUN!

There are some great videos out there...Elizabeth's craft room is one,
she shows how she uses hers, makes extra pockets and more

It also makes a great gift!
Why not treat someone you know, Christmas is coming !

The quality is high, they've thought of everything,
but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask....
I'm here to help!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Use the Host Code for online orders under £150

Want a new seasonal catalogue? just ask!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I've seen 2 of these IRL and they are top notch. Everything you say about them is true. These planners are awesome! Xxx


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