Friday, 6 October 2017


I thought I'd shared this already,
but I can't find it, so here goes....

This was a class I did on the "Reflection" or "Mirror" technique

You can use lots of things to stamp on to make the mirror image,
here's a few:
stamp-a-ma-jig; actetate; clear packaging; the back of a clear stamp (flat side);
acrylic block.
My favourite is the stamp-a-ma-jig

Use sticky notes to create masks

note the goose facing the other way.....done by using s-a-m-j and filling 
in any missing detail with a fine liner

Use scrap paper to mask off areas for landscapes etc

It's a bit faint but the trees are 'reflected' in the 'water'

Lastly in an actual mirror
(you may have seen this image a while back)

They really enjoyed experimenting with the various methods,
hope you enjoyed looking too!



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