Sunday, 2 September 2012

Feathered friends!

I buy my wild bird food at Feathers Wild Bird Care in Salehurst,
and I thought I'd share this picture with you,
just to buy get one free!

I buy their Sunflower seeds, (which are great value!),
and as a bonus, I have a small happy little family of sunflowers in my garden!

If you like our feathered friends, I recommend you visit Allan and Joe,
who are not only handsome and funny (you can pay me later boys!),
but they have a fantastic range of products, and their prices are amazing too!
Check out their website, and sign up for their entertaining newsletter.
They also have some fab photos, some of which are taken from their nature reserve,
which you can visit for free whilst you're there!

They have started to sell some cute little gifts too,
of which I know Allan is a particular fan of! lol x
Check out this adorable key-ring!

This only started off as a quick post to show a snippet of summer,
and it's turned into an advert!
Oh well, they are lovely guys, and their enthusiasm for wild birds is inspiring!

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