Sunday, 27 October 2013

Team swaps

I had a fantastic day with Sarah's Starlets today,
gathered in my Craft Room, with the wind building up outside.
I do hope the storm is not as bad as they predict.

My swap was this 3-d Star to hang on a tree.

The Star from Stampin' Up! really lends itself easily to all sorts of 3-d projects.

I thought I'd share how I made mine, in case you are interested.
I stamped and embossed in silver, onto silver card stock.
This gives the illusion of being metal.

I have to point out, that my versamark inkpad is decidedly old,
 and covered in glitter and other stray elements!
The silver emboss powder is old too, and not Stampin' Up!

I then cut them out, leaving a small border all the way round.
You need two for each ornament.

Just as you would a box, I cut all tips at an angle.
Cut each valley up to the image,
and also snip at an angle, in towards the inner point of the image.

Score each of the lines of the star's image,
and fold the mountains and valleys as per the image
the long lines are mountains, shorter lines valleys.

Then score all the outer lines of the image.
The borders will then become the inner edges of the 'box'.

Fold all the score lines, folding the borders in towards the back.

Here's a closer view

I then applied glue to the tips only, and carefully glued them back to back.
By sticking the tips only, the rest of the flaps will spring up, filling the gaps in between the two stars.

The next challenge was to wrap the twine around the two stars to make another star shape,
and to provide a length by which to hang the finished star.
I can only suggest taking your time, and continually checking the back and front!
You can try going in a clockwise direction, but I couldn't devise a sure-fired solution.

(I suspect there's someone out there that could provide easy instructions to follow!)

Suffice to say, I hope you do not suffer from the storm,
but if you do end up having to stay at home,
you could always give this a try. 


  1. Oh, my! Fabulous!!! You clever lady,can I CASE please??

  2. FANTASTIC Christmas decoration Lesley. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

    Hope you stay safe from the storm.

    Sarn xxx

  3. Would be flattered Lelly, and thanks Sarn x

  4. Very clever and beautiful too, So lucky to have one. X

  5. These were even better in real life. You are soooo clever Lesley. Mine is hanging with all my other glittery stuff! x


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