Monday, 15 September 2014

Charlton Athletic Football Club

For my Uncle.
He used to take us to CAFC when we were younger.
I still have a love of football, 
and a soft spot for Charlton.

As you can see I used the springy diamond fold again!
That's my trouble, I see one I like and then I do it again and again! of my schoolfriends kindly gave me a whole 
shed load of crafty stuff, including these cute little 
paper football strips.
(See, there are some things I never forget,
and so this is in Ian's memory too <3).

The base has a laser cut stencilly thing I've had for yonks too.

I used one of the Itty Banners for the greeting.
Happy Birthday Unc,
hope you had a good 'un!


  1. SUPER springy card Lesley. Nothing wrong in making FAB cards mate! xxx

  2. Absolutely love the springy cards Lesley and love the football theme too. I know quite a few of my relatives that would fall over themselves to get this card on their mantelpiece!! Jan xxxx


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