Monday, 1 September 2014

Diamond fold spring wetlands

Another shaped masterpiece from Sarn!

A diamond fold card that springs out of the envelope!
I love the colours, and The Wetlands is a favourite of many,
but one I haven't got.....yet?!
The Work of Art set provides the contemporary background.
I'm off to try out this shape....
back soon with more!

September?! Already?! yikes!



  1. I love this stamp. It has such a lovely peaceful feel to it. Your fold is fabulous...what fun to open.

    I will post photos of the horse-opoly. Little Miss c is horse mad and has a blog The Pony Girl, where she used to post her cards. Since the addition of the sports and outings almost 8 years old little girls do, she has not posted in several months...
    This Grandma had to do the typing as she dictated to I do not miss it...teeehee
    Anyway,I will post a photo of the game. It is all about buying saddles, horses and stables and farms!!!

  2. I love the way Sarn always comes up with a new shaped card for us to try. I too love this stamps set and have yet to buy! This card is certainly a work of art xx


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