Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Little gift bag punch board pouch

Just popped by to share with you a little package I made,
to make a friend smile, she's been through a lot lately.

I thought it would be really simple to make on the
Gift Bag Punch Board, (GBPB)
it wasn't wide enough,
and I only needed a depth of 1/4".

So, plan B...used the scoreboard to make the sides,
and front n back,
used the GBPB to make the tops and bottoms,
cut off excess bits,
and punched holes.

First time I've used the hole punch,
and if you line it up you can punch gift tag too.

Threaded some lush satin ribbon

and made a very wonky bow!
Tried to unwonky it,
but it wasn't having it!

I'm sure she'll like it anyway!

Hope you are having a good week


  1. I'm sure she will LOVE IT. Looks GREAT. Anyone can a posh bow the right way up . . . yours has character!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. What a sweet little bag. Way to figure out how to get around the GBPB not being big enough. The paper you used is pretty and I like the wonky bow.

  3. Its fabulous and will definitely cheer your friend up! And who says a bow has to be straight anyway - wonky is cool! xxx

  4. This is gorgeous. I would gladly accept a wonky bow...they are so much harder to make than a straight one!!

  5. That a very pretty bag, wonky bow and all! I'm impressed that you could figure out how to get the right size all on your own. If I tried the whole thing would be wonky.


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