Friday, 7 July 2017

You Move Me Butterfly

So, I promised to show you the Butterfly.....

Here's how to stamp it......again slightly off perfect,
but it works just the same....and I still hadn't got my stamp-a-ma-jig out.

you can see the orange one has the tip of the tail on it....
this helped me figure it out........

I used some of the other fun elements in the set.......
and a happy accident was using the leaves as the "pull" tab

I think I made the pocket slightly taller, and it therefore didn't fit properly in the envelope.
This again got lots of wows and hows.....

Have a fabulous weekend


  1. I love happy accidents! This card looks AWESOME . . . xxx

  2. Both of your flutter cards are so cool. The movement is great and how fun you discovered using the leaves for the pull!


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