Monday, 21 July 2014

Itty Bitties

Sorry, but here's another one!

One of my favourite cartoons is Garfield,
so I do hope you are not muttering 
"Monday' s coming, abort, abort" !!!
This time different flowers, including some new ones.....
can you see the little green ones?
Pictogram Punches stamp set, and a new Itty Bitty Punch!

Just to prove it's different.....
Above is the one I made earlier.

To prevent you nodding off with boredom,
I do have one more, so I'll show you it now.....

I hope you had a fab weekend,
and have lots of fun this week!


  1. Right . . . . I am TRYING to comment on your beautiful pop up boxes Lesley.
    Hope this one is allowed by Blogger.

    All of them are soooo lovely. Very impressed.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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