Friday, 29 August 2014

More Happy Post!

Phew what a week!

I was awake from 2 am Wednesday night with a poorly cat,
then same again last night, missing him because he had to stay
in the vets overnight .....he had a nasty infected tooth...
ouch in more ways than one!
I'm off to collect him and the bill shortly!

Meantime, what should arrive in the post?!
Another unexpected happy post,
how lucky am I, and what good timing!

It was from a dear friend who is also a great support to my SU business.
I have made some amazing friends through SU,
it has been very much an added bonus to something I really enjoy.

If you know anyone who would like a catalogue,
or class list from me, I'd be so grateful if you'd pass on my details.

After I'd taken this photo, I noticed a naughty rhinestone had
attached itself to a star!
But, as you can see I put it in it's place!

To see the artist's blog go to Lelly's blog HERE

I hope you have a good weekend,
thanks for stopping by
P.S. Jan you'll like this one's spritzed with shimmer, embossed,
with added sparkly stars.....lots of bling!


  1. Wonderful card and the sentiment is very apt. You ARE a star.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Love this card the shimmer is beautiful. I hope your poor puddy cat is feeling better............We recently adopted a rescue kitten well five months back now and he has brought much joy to the family

  3. Oh I do, I do! What a lovely bit of Happy Post xxx Jan xxx

  4. Pretty card. It is always so special to receive a home made card. Especially when everything else I receive in the mail is usually junk mail and bills. The received cards are always such a bright spot in the day.


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