Saturday, 9 August 2014

She sells sea shells......

A recent visit to a beach near Dungeness
was full of surprises...
The tide was high, it was just starting to go out.

I like collecting shells as mementos.
We could have brought home shed loads!

There were so many complete pretty shells
here's just some of them:

We had to make sure the animals had left the building in some of them!

There are lots of misconceptions about Dungeness,
but it's a beautiful place you must visit!

Hope the sun's shining on you today.



  1. Your collection of complete shells is impressive...especially all in one day. I live in Venice, FL and our beach is on the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of broken or very worn shells, whole ones are fairly rare, but collected nonetheless. Our claim to fame is shark's teeth, most of which are smaller than a dime if found on the beach. Much larger ones can be found by divers. Shelling is an interesting hobby.

  2. Fabulous collection of fun shells.

    Hugs diane

  3. Drat and double drat . . . I definitely thought my comment got published yesterday!

    Lovely collection of pretty shells Lesley. Would never have guessed they came from Dungeness. Do they glow in the dark?


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