Friday, 22 August 2014

You Little Furball sympathy

Hello everyone
Firstly can I give a warm welcome to my new followers.
I do try and visit and leave you a message,
but sometimes time just runs away or I forget!
You know how it is I'm sure!?
Anyway, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your visits.

Today's post is
A Furry Friend Fond Friday Full of thanks for the memories.

It's always sad to lose a furry friend that's been part of the family.
I sent this card to a friend as a token of my sympathy.

The sentiment is from You Little Furball,
but I chose a simple frond from World of Dreams
as the focal point.
Soft inking round the edge helped the topper
stand out from the base card.

Have a great weekend with hugs from your nearest and dearest.



  1. It's a delightful card, perfect for such an occasion as losing a friend and family member, which a pet becomes


  2. What a lovely card Lesley. Our pets do take a piece of our hearts with them for sure - the sentiment is perfect and your card just right.

    I spotted your comment about scheduling linking and sadly Blogger isn't geared up for that. Bit of a pain I know. If ever you forget, I don't mind a bit of backlinking (even a few days old is fine).

    Di xx

    1. Pretty card with a great sentiment. I'm sure it brought comfort!

  3. Lovely card for the sad occasion Lesley.

    Gosh, you've been busy . . . I'm playing catch up!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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