Sunday, 24 September 2017

More of that Embossing Paste!

not the greatest start for me......
you know when you want to just do something quick and move on.... usual photo editing package has changed their terms,
and I 'ain't paying!

so, whilst I need time to get to grips, this will have to do!

These are my samples.....

so if you have any questions, please ask......

meantime it's just picture heavy, but you get the drift......or the paste...

here's some of the class creations.....

I hope you enjoyed looking.

A p.s. to yesterday's post that I wrote so badly, I confooosed some....
The reference to me and him, and himself  was to my Alan, and not Dad.
Just so you know it's him indoors thats the acrobat at the bottom of the stairs.
(If I've just confused you more, just ignore me, I'm waffling :)

Have a Super Sunday 


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