Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Broad Beans

Alan had a bumper crop of Broad Beans this year.
Trouble is, I only like them skinned.
I can't tell you how many hours we've spent podding, blanching and skinning.
Then a friend told me you can freeze them, and then skin them before cooking,
so some have gone in the freezer with their skins on.

That'll teach me to be fussy with my food!
It's worth it though in my opinion,
they taste so much sweeter.

Is there any food you are fussy about?!


  1. What a job! I only like broad beans when they are very young and small, with white sauce on them. I remember my dad growing them in vast quantities. Out here the Spanish eat them raw with plain rice dishes. They have a knack of 'popping' the pod and flicking out the beans all with one hand, while deep in conversation with their friends. I have never mastered this trick, but I would recommend trying a few young beans raw! Kate x

  2. Mammoth task there Lesley! I am fussy about all my food! LOL! xxx


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