Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Marvels


Today's treat is a cute little easter gift box,
and I haven't eaten the egg yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it a cracker!
There is no end to Sarn's awesomeness!!!!!!!!!
She brought us this eggstremely cute projeggt...

Then even more awesome......

She showed us some tangling.....
here's my attempt, just don't look close!
I said NOT to!
Actually, from a distance it don't look bad,
so do you know what.....?......
go on have a go!
It won't be any worse than mine!

Awesome thanks to your awesomeness Sarn
for bringing these.

Have an awesome week


  1. I bet you all had a fab time, and your tangling looks great! Yep, Sarn is a great crafter, she sent me a lovely email and tag when I got her stamps.xx

  2. Ah yes . . . but it takes an AWESOME person to know an AWESOME person! So we are equally AWESOME!

    You get eggstra points for doing your own tangling in the design - which, by the way is . . . well . . . simply AWESOME! LOL!

    Not sure how many more AWESOME's I can get into this comment! Have an AWESOME day!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. I've seen the cutest treat bags lately and these are no exception. I'm impressed that the egg is not yet eaten! Love your attempt at Zentangling!


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