Friday, 20 March 2015

storm before the calm...

I had a class yesterday.
and I had to laugh when they said how tidy my craft room was.

"You should have seen it this morning" I replied.....

it looked even worse than the photo....shoved it all in a box...

I'm still sorting it out, but class was a hoot!

Join one of my classes...guaranteed fun,
and you'll most likely learn something too!

Have a fantastic weekend
Happy Crafting



  1. Love your wooden desk! I've done the shove it in a box (or boxes) and shove the box in a closet method of cleaning too. Unfortunately I've run out of room in the closet now! And like you mentioned, it is a hassle to pull it all out and put it back right. The room looks great now though. Glad you had fun at the class!

  2. O M G ! Lesley, really! I have NEVER seen such a mess!!!

  3. I like your craft room...It's such a bright and cheery room.


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